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Nexgen Land Planners, Inc. (Nexgen) is a Tampa-based company dedicated to providing high quality land planning consulting services. We provide comprehensive planning consulting to public and private clients throughout Florida. 

About Us

Eminent Domain Litigation

 Providing expert analysis of planning  issues related to eminent domain and land use litigation cases are  central to the business of Nexgen Land Planners. 

Zoning and Future Land Use

 Issues related to zoning  and land use are a core competency at Nexgen Land Planners.  We have  secured hundreds of rezoning approvals, comprehensive plan amendments  and other land use entitlements for numerous developments across  Florida. 

Graphics and Land Use Exhibits

 In-house development and  production of sophisticated graphics is a key capability of Nexgen Land  Planners.  To supplement land use applications and expert planning  analyses, Nexgen is capable of producing a wide range of graphic  exhibits using both GIS and CAD systems.​ 


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